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LOVE IT !  ♥♥♥ 

Was wondering yesterday if there's any better way for storing than making bunch o txts :P

BTW: Would love if you could
-add the ability to edit group managers aswell as make groups within groups

other ideas for future versions:

- add group destrictions, 1 or multiple tags

- Mark sections (consisting of multiple of groups/  subgroups/ code snippets/ etc. with some sort of borders

--> borders can have a title, description, 1 or multiple tags, colors

Thank you for your support, I didn't know that people are actually using it, I am actually re-designing this application in order to make it a more intuitive and streamlined experience. Writing each snippet to an XML allows the end-user to see exactly what is happening and there's really no difference between one large snippet file and multiple small files, in my opinion. during the next redesign I will take your feedback into account. Thank you again for your support, much appreciated!